We can transform raw materials into finished and packed products

In addiction to an ample choice of plant extracts for herbal medicine, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, Aghipharma offers farming companies the possibility to commission the transformation of the starting materials into personalized cosmetic products and nutritional supplements. Agripharma’s transformation service conjures accurately the cooperative principles which considers the union of resources and proficiencies to achieve a common objective. Thanks to our matured experience we can transform raw materials into finished and packed products, ready to be sold. This departing from an agreed minimum quantity of order and quantity, depending on which raw material is used.

What we do for our customers

The law concerning alimentary products becomes everyday more strict: such as the traceability of the products, the suitability of the locals, laws about alcoholic products and the suitability of the staff. All this things seem high obstacles for little corporations. Agripharma does all the committed process of realaboration, transformation, conversion, packing and conservation of delivered prime material following current laws and in complete security. In our laboratories laboratories we are able to product both alcoholic based products and water based products with traditional techniques following Farmacopea laws. Moreover we can realize personalized products based on indication of our clients and developed in collaboration with our laboratory techinicians.

Our services

What we do for beekeepers

Propolis to be commercialized needs a complex manufacturing process. This because this raw material is only meltable at very high alcoholic proofs. This processes, during which alchol is used, have to be done in a laboratory with UTIF licence and the package needs this label. Thanks to Agripharma can Beekerpers obtain a complete line of beehive derivative products (such as propolis, royal jelly, mellitus,and creams). Departing from their raw material and committing the manufacturing process to Agripharma can beekepers obtain all these products and benefits in total respect of norms.

Services for agriturismi

To product alcoholic derivatives it’s necessary to work respecting UTIF norms and agriturismi owners can offer their guests some Spirit can aim Agripharma for what concerns the manufacturing of products, obtaining personalized and unique products. Moreover, the carachteristiques of Agripharma’s plants can be appraised also as creams and other cosmetic products.

Services for farming corporation with cash corp

Agripharma offers personal and expert advice to operators who wood like to sell new personalized and natural cosmetic products, rendering personalized assistance from the conception until the realization of products made by the mixture of various elements or plants. Those can be both nutritional supplements and cosmetics. We obtain from our organic farmed plants extracts and because of this we have obtained the biological cosmetics brand CCPB and we are acknowledged through other authorities of certification.

Biological label service

Agripharma can follow directly the bureaucratic procedure and put the biological label on the finished product; as it is obtained with biological raw material and our laboratories have biological certification. In case of need, thanks to our advisors, Agripharma manages the notification of those to the Ministery both for nutritional supplements and for cosmetic products.

Other services

Thanks to a collaboration with a grafic office, we can help you in choosing the suitable logo for your product. This in the respect of the law of labelling and packing appraising the product in it’s self.
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