Productive process

The points of the production process

Extracts deriving from the manufacturing of medicinal plants can be commercialized turned into semifinished products or be further manufactured into different kind of finished products. We use both traditional methods and modern extraction techniques.
The plants, which arrive from the farming companies of our partners, can be fresh or already dehydrated. These are identified, weight and classified. The right documents, then guarantee their traceability.
The plants are milled with different techniques to obtain the best release of active ingredients when they pass from the solid to the liquid phase.
This phase of the producing process is the most important: traditionally the extrction was done through maceration. But with the improvement of technology we have multiple techniques of extraction and those are chosen according to the suitability to the plant.
The thick mass which derives from the least passages has to be pressed in specific presses to separate the luquid part from the solid part. The rough liquid has the to be filtered in order to eliminate all the impurities. Agripharma is furnished with a modern Microfiltration system which permits the extract to be purified under a microbiological point of view.
To obtain the right relation Drug/Extract we often make concentration which eliminate a part of the solvent and concentrate a part of the active ingredients of the plant. Agripharma owns a modern vacuum-sealed evaporator that works with low temperatures and respects this way sensible active ingredients.
Thanks to this process, different extracts are mixed together to create new products, with different features as those ones which would contain just one single component. The process has to be precise as active ingredients are metabolically active.
The extracts are sold both loose and packed. When the extract is loose it is sold to cosmetic or herbalist’s laboratories to the suiving manufacture to nutrtitional supplements and other kind of products.
Purified extracts and his concentrates are kept with natural systems. Their quality in time is guaranteed by their formulation and suitable way of conservation.
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