Extracts for the herbal and pharmaceutical industry

Extracts for the herbal and pharmaceutical industry

Agripharma furnishes producers of the herbal medicine and pharmaceutical sector healthy plant extracts rich of active ingredients and made with a environment respecting productive process.

Mother Tinctures

Mother Tinctures are producted as the Guidelines of the French Farmacopea recommends: thanks to classic maceration in idroalcoholic solution, picked up in balsamic time. Every cultivation takes place with organic farming techniques.

Bud derivatives

Agripharma’s Bud derivatives or Glycerine based Macerations (MACERATI GLICERICI MG) are obtained through a macerations which take place in a solution composed by equal parts of glycerine and alcohol and then diluted following Farmacopea’s guide lines. The buds and/or fresh meristematic tissues are cultivated in farming companies of partners with organic farming techniques.

Fluid extracts

Fluid extracts are prepared through maceration and percolation with an idroalcoholic solution with different alcoholic proof depending which plant is used. The this extracts are concentrated until the final relation between drug and extracts is 1:1. We obtain this way a solution containing the same quantity of active ingredient as is was contained in the original plant. The plants are cultivated in the companies of partners with organic farming techniques.

 Hydroglycerics extracts

The Hydroglycerics  extracts are obtained with the most specialized extraction techniques, from the highest quality plants, in order to guarantee the maximum content of active ingredients in the final product. The particular preservative system also characterizes them for food use. The product is stabilized with natural glycerin, guaranteeing the final D/E ratio 1:2. The native plants are grown organically (ICEA) and/or collected directly by AGRIPHARMA.

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