Biological extracts

Biological extracts

Products which guarantee the best respect of health and environment and derive from biologically certified raw material.

Biological Extracts for Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicine Industry

During the extraction process Agripharma uses only the active part of the medicinal plant, as the old Herbal medicine tradition teaches. The alcoholic proof is chosen in order to obtain solutions rich in active ingredients and this way more effective.
To give our customers the possibility to choose the most fitting solution for their productions, we have an ample choice of high quality idroalcoholic extracts and even the alcohol used to make the extract -as mother tinctures and bud derivatives- is biological and eco- friendly. The certifications that products are obtained from biological plants guarantee the protection of men and environment. The direct cultivation of plants guarantees moreover the freshness in respect of the ecosystem, even in the moment of the transport. On request of the client, Agripharma realizes personalized biological extracts, suitable for the herbal medicine and the pharmaceutical sector.

Biological extracts for cosmetic industry

Using vegetable extracts, as an alternative for single purified substances, it is possible to mix natural blends, which are more compatible for skin both in structure and in characteristics. In every phase of the producing process Agripharma excludes the use of chemical products, as the majority of allergies is caused by chemical additives.
Extracts deriving from biological agriculture, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, can be used this way for the realization of products for delicate skins. Beyond guaranteeing more protection for the customer, thanks to their natural and biological characteristics, the use of biological extracts permits also to safeguard the environment and natural resources, improving eco-friendly agriculture technologies as those, adopted by Agripharma..

Biological glycerinated extracts

Agripharma’s Biological glycerinated extracts are produced with fresh plants. These plants are cultivated by Agipharma’s partners with organic farming techniques. The extraction is done thanks into a idroglyceric solution composed by the 50% of water and the 50% of vegetable glycerine. The final relation between Drug/Extract is 1:2.

Biological oil extracts

Departing from fresh plants, cultivated by Aghipharma’s partners, we obtain this extracts thanks to a maceration in biological sunflower oil. The final relation between Drug/Extract id 1:3 and it permits the complete release of liposoluble active ingredients. The protection from oxidation is guaranteed by natural tocopherols.

Biological distilled water

Distilled waters are produced thanks to extraction in current water vapour of fresh plants, cultivated by partners with organic farming techniques. This kind of extraction is suitable for plants with volatile active ingredients and for additions in very delicate formulations. The relation between Drug and Extract is 1:10.
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